“Once we trust ourselves we will know how to live.”  –Goethe

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” –

“To love what you do and feel that it matters—how could anything be more fun?”—Katherine Graham

I provide career coaching as well as executive/team coaching.

When clients come to see me as a career coach, most of them are at a crossroads.  Those just starting their careers are interested in exploring options and figuring out how they might find a career they will enjoy.  Others find me somewhere along their career path—five, ten, twenty years or more into their career, they realize that they are dissatisfied and want more fulfillment from their work.

My work begins by getting to know you and learning about your interests, values, skills, and personality—the primary “ingredients” that make up career satisfaction.  I look to understand the factors that have influenced your career choices thus far.

Once we have identified what factors are most important to you, it becomes time to explore and research what options might be best for you.

Finally, our work together involves helping you make the best decision for you about your next career move in this moment given your priorities and constraints.

My career coaching work can also involve looking at the ways in which clients may be in conflict with themselves (or with others) about their work. Sometimes finding more career satisfaction simply means “tweaking” something in our current work that isn’t working.  Other times, it may involve a more radical decision to leave something behind in order to find something new.

I have also found that some clients begin career coaching with me and then realize that what they seek is deeper, psychotherapy-oriented work related to stuckness, ambivalence, or pain. I am available for such a transition as well.

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